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Who is Yoshi Kondo?

If you’ve been collecting, trading, and/or minting NFTs on the WAX blockchain, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Yoshi Kondo. On May 27th, 2021 (Yoshi’s 37th Birthday), he air dropped 1,000,000 Yoshi coins to 1,000,000 WAX wallets.

Since then, those coins have been trading on the secondary market, and 100% of the royalties tied to those NFTs have gone to purchase carbon offsets making Yoshi Coins the first NFT project to “Produce Oxygen.”

Learn more about Yoshi from words from his own site:

“The artist inspiring the YoshiDrops project is Yoshi Kondo, a musician, and engineer who has worked with many of the top international superstars you know and love. Yoshi has opened his vault of original music and sounds for artists and creators to use as inspiration. His aim is to make NFTs and their technology accessible to all musicians, infusing best-in-class curated talent with the means, methods, and platform that will showcase their superpowers and elevate them to prosperity.”

Our Collaboration

Ever the innovator and philanthropist, when I spoke with Yoshi, he indicated that he’d like our collaboration to support another worthy cause: Uplift.Art’s Haitian School fund. As such 100% of proceeds from the primary sale of our collaboration will go directly to this project.

And just because it’s a fun coincidence, this drop is taking place on my 36th birthday. Do good while building your NFT collection.

Help Build a School in Haiti

All proceeds from the the primary sales of this collaboration go directly to Uplift.Art’s school fund.


@YoshiDrops Collaboration - No. 000125

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