@TheeHustleHouse Collaboration


The following is an artist profile featuring @TheeHustleHouse, the creator of the featured piece in this series.


Please introduce yourself to our readers. What would you like them to know about you?

My name is Jason and I created Thee Hustle House as a place for people to learn about tech, cryptocurrencies, and nfts. I have been creating crypto content on youtube since 2016 (www.youtube.com/c/coinstorires) and look forward to seeing how so many of these awesome projects play out.

What was the inspiration for this piece?

My favorite animals in the world are birds and they are so beautiful yet we rarely see them fighting. This piece is about the beauty in us all that we struggle with daily.

How long have you been designing in the digital realm?

I have a masters in design so basically 20 years.

Can you tell us about your workflow (how do you come up with ideas, what tools do you use to create)?

Just like Michelangelo, I never create….I release the art from the object. Where it be a painting, a sculpture, or a digital creation….I have no control over what I create because the art is already there. I simply release it so others can see what I see.

Who are your artistic influences?

Picasso, Dali, & of course Caravaggio…

What got you interested in NFTs/Crypto Art/Digital Collectibles?

I love the idea of never losing my collectibles. I moved around a lot as a child and lost my precious basketball cards along the way so when I realized that they would forever be accessible on the blockchain, I was hooked.

Where can we find you online?

Twitter: @TheeHustleHouse

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