“Into the Metaverse” Collaboration

The “Into the Metaverse” collaboration features three common NFTs: one “in-progress” sketch by @ArtistByron, a gradient “utility swatch,” and a greyscale piece of art by @mjmacfadden. Blend all three to form a full color version. Blend those four to redeem a limited edition animated version. Blend those five to redeem an even rarer black animated version.

“Into The Metaverse” Collaboration


Learn more about CryptoSwatch founder @mjmacfadden and this collab titled “Into the Metaverse.”


About this piece:

Back in November of 2021, @ArtistByron posted an image of a sketch that was decidedly early in its progress (it is featured below). In the moment, he didn’t know exactly  what it would become. Later in the day though, he posted a reply to reveal that it had become a kickass eyeball skull (no surprise there), but before he had made his big reveal, I began to think about what it could be too.

To me, it looked like a wormhole into another dimension—one we now openly call “the metaverse.” Without his permission, I used his sketch as the launching point for the digital collage featured in this collab.

Being the good guy that he is, he later agreed to have let me use his work in this piece AND agreed to sanction this collaboration. If you didn’t know already, the #WAXFam is the best.

On a personal note, I also used this piece as an excuse to brush up on my motion graphics skills using Adobe After Effects.

Share your work with the world, even if it’s only half baked, your journey into the metaverse starts with your first step.

In addition to the sketch by @ArtistByron, the assets featured in this collab are available at the links below.


@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000356
@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000357
@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000358
@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000359


@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000360


@ArtistByron Collaboration - No. 000361


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